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Entrepreneurship is a powerful force that changes the world. And yet there are thousands of talented entrepreneurs who are hampered by lack of funding. GetFunded exists to solve this problem.

Entrepreneurs use the power of business to transform people and societies, to create a more connected, empathetic, compassionate, sustainable world for our kids and grandkids to enjoy. At GetFunded we seek to use the spirit of entrepreneurship to spread love in all it’s forms. To harness humanity’s super power: creativity, to create a world conducive to human flourishing.

Whether you are creating something in the realm of education, empowerment, food, sustainability, or health our training programs are designed to help you raise the capital you need to make a massive difference.

GetFunded was founded in 2018 by serial social entrepreneur Will Sacks with the mission to empower socially-minded entrepreneurs and help them succeed at raising capital.

Will once created a solar powered racecar that he raced from Chicago to Los Angeles, and most recently founded Kindara with the mission to empower women everywhere through body literacy. He and the team are based in Boulder Colorado USA.

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