Fundraising Mastery is a 3 month small-group accelerator program designed to build in you the ability to successfully raise as much investor capital as you need to realize your vision for your company.

The program is designed for founders who have raised less than $1M and who are currently raising (or planning to raise) a round of private investor capital. 

Fundraising Mastery is by application only and runs three times per year. The program includes small group calls, one on one strategy calls and a program of activities to walk founders through the GetFunded process and execute their raise.

The accelerator program is perfect for founders who want to avoid wasting time and execute the fundraising process thinking and acting like a pro. Graduates of Fundraising Mastery learn to raise more money in less time from better investors on better terms.

If you are ready to apply to Fundraising Mastery, schedule a call with one of our entrepreneur liaisons or click below and tell us about yourself and your company. 

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